Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Quality Policy

Bertz Project Nigeria approaches to fundamental principles to Quality are as follows:

  • To implement a quality management program to measure our performance and our client satisfaction, to review our performance and to improve on it.

  • To make all Bertz staff and subcontractors employed by Bertz aware of our quality management program, to review it and to continually improve on it.

  • To adhere to all legal and statutory requirements required by law of the local government and or international standards set by governing bodies.

  • Improve our accounting system so that we can make more informed budgetary decisions and be more cost effective in executing projects and our overall finance planning and execution.

  • Improve our corporate responsibility by making sure that we have a positive impact on the environment and community we operate in.

  • To set objectives and targets for continual growth of our company by broadening our client base and developing our technology and services portfolio.

  • Provide training and develop our staff skills to support our expected growth, adapt to new technologies and ensure quality remains at a high standard when providing services to our clients. Management will review the Quality Policy at each management review meeting to determine the policy’s continuing suitability for Bertz LIMITED organization.

Management will ensure that quality policy is communicated to all employees, included in new employee training and training on QMS, posted in prominent places throughout the Offices and Project Sites to maintain high standards within our organization.

Health and Safety Policy

Bertz is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe working environment for all ourstaff, customers and the general public. We, as a company, have made detailed arrangements for theimplementation of our Health & Safety Policy as outlined:

  • To comply with relevant local and international health and safety legislation
  • To set and maintain high standards of construction and installation safety with an annual reviewof the Bertz Safety Policy
  • To identify hazards, assess risks and implement control procedures
  • To ensure that staff, customers and visitors are adequately informed of risks, and where appropriate, receive instruction, training and supervision.
  • To document and review risk assessments
  • To implement this policy through codes of practice, schedules, guidance notes and training
  • To safeguard the environment from the effects of Bertz’s service activities
  • To monitor and review the effectiveness of controls
  • To ensure the provision of a trained health and safety co-ordinator having adequate time, resources and facilities to carry out their responsibilities
  • To ensure that all sites conform to local and international standards
  • To ensure that all personnel are issued with the necessary safety resources, such as Personal Protective Equipment, and receive appropriate training in order to carry out their functions safely